Rent and damage deposit must be paid at time of reservation. Reservations will be made on a first come first serve basis. If an individual or organization requests a rental date and no monies and contract have been received, no reservation will be made and the date will remain open for other renters. Renters will not be allowed to sub-lease the building.

The building will only be rented for the day of your event. If you would like to set-up, decorate, etc. the day before your event, a fee of half the regular rental fee must be paid in advance.


Cancellations for Friday and Saturday events that are cancelled at least 6 months in advance will receive 50% of the rental fee back. Cancellations for Friday and Saturday events that are cancelled less than 6 months in advance will not receive a refund. Cancellations for events held Sunday through Thursday that are cancelled at least 30 days in advance, will receive a full refund. Damage deposit will be returned after a thorough inspection has been done by building staff following your event.

If more than one break-out room is rented on the same day by different parties, then the restrooms and parking lot will be shared. The kitchen will be rented on a first come first serve basis.

Individuals or organizations will not receive a key to the building. The building staff will open and lock the doors at a time specified by the renter. Any variation from the specified time must be reported to the building staff at least one hour prior to the change. A $15 per hour charge will be assessed if opening and closing times are violated or if more than one opening and closing time is needed. In NO event shall the building be left unattended!

Alcohol may not be brought into the building. Any violation of this rule will result in forfeiture of damage deposit.

Decorations may not be affixed to the walls, ceilings or woodwork. All balloons must be anchored. Only drips less candles are allowed. Tables or chairs may not be removed from the building. Building staff will control temperature and dividing walls.

In renting the Cass County Community Center to you, the Cass County Agricultural & Educational Association (CCAEA) has the right to control the management of it and the right to enforce all necessary and proper rules for its management and operation. The CCAEA and building staff may enter the premises, at any time and on any occasion.

Smoking will not be permitted within the Community Center. Smoking is permitted in areas designated by the CCAEA only. You, as the renter, do not have the authority to change the designated smoking areas.

The Cass County Community Center, CCAEA or building staff will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property. Nor shall the association be held responsible for any personal injury caused by equipment or property belonging to the renter.

The Cass County Agricultural & Educational Association reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Revised: 06/13/16